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When we buy some lovely fresh cut flowers, it can be a
challenge keeping them alive. There are a few techniques you can use to keep
fresh cut flowers alive for longer. Have you used any of these tips from Handy Flowers? Do you they work for
you? Let us know!
Use Fizzy Juice
This may seem like a bizarre thing to do! Many people think
that fizzy drinks will kill the flowers there and then. But this is not the
case. If you pour around a quarter of a cup of fizzy drink into your water in a
vase, it is thought that the sugar in the fizzy drink will make the blossoms
last for a lot longer than they normally would without. For those of you with a
clear glass vase, it could be a good idea to use a clear fizzy drink, such as
Sprite or Lemonade. Oh, and make sure the fizzy drink is not a diet version. We
need the sugar!
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