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To begin with, the
United Kingdom (UK) is paving the way for a future dominated by online
retail. Many recent surveys indicated that the UK is the
country that spent the most money each year on online shopping. As a
result, more and more business owners are looking for a suitable eCommerce
platform to start selling online. Now, there are a lot of options for them to
choose, from free to paid ones. To make the selection process easier, this
article will show the most popular eCommerce platforms in UK as well as make a
comparison among their pricing. Let’s discover now!
1. Magento
When it comes to the
eCommerce platform, Magento is always on the top of the list, not only in the
UK but also worldwide. It’s true to say that Magento can provide all
you want to develop an eCommerce website, regardless of your business
If you...

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