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At first glance, how hard could it really be to develop an iOS app? We’ve all asked ourselves this question before. And based on the apparent simplicity of some of the most popular apps in the App Store, it seems like a logical inquiry.
While developing a successful iOS app doesn’t have to be rocket science, it does require careful planning and skilled execution. So before you dive in headfirst, make sure you have a plan.
The Latest App Store Statistics and Trends
The latest research shows there are 1.91 million mobile apps in the iOS App Store created by 754,000 app publishers. Out of these apps, 86.3 percent are non-gaming apps, while 13.7 percent are gaming apps. Roughly 94 percent of apps are free, while just 6 percent are paid. (However, many free apps have in-app purchases available.)
While games are by far the most popular...

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