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The Huawei FreeLace were announced alongside the P30 series and have a neat little trick to overcome Bluetooth pairing pains and charging woes that plague wireless earphones. The earphones have a built-in USB C jack. This can be accessed by removing one end and plugging into a compatible phone to perform a quick battery topping up or initial pairing with a Huawei smartphone.
However, they aren’t wireless. They have a neckband that connects to a pair in-ear headphones. They do eliminate the need for a cable to connect to your phone. They can be worn around the neck even if you aren’t using them or they fall out. BeatsX created this design and it was recently used in the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. These earphones are great for active listening. The huawei freelace price is different in that it has an integrated USB-C port and a 18-hour...

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