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Gadgets Are Just Around Everywhere!
You may have several old gadgets lying around the house. You prefer upgrading your cell phone every 6 to 18 months, but you are not certain what you should be doing with your used cell phone which is no longer in use. You perhaps think that they are not worth much but you do not want to contribute to the increasing landfills of electronic waste. Or you already have a cell phone you no longer use and you would want to sell used cell phones online. However, you perhaps do not want to deal with the complexities and fees of auction sites. So, the forgotten used cell phones collect dust in your drawer or take up some space in your closet.

Should You Toss Them In the Recycle Bin?
There are several companies out there that are willing to recycle your smartphone for you. Recycling is a great prospect, after all, who...

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